We believe that our projects and objectives can really make a difference. There are a wide range of benefits we offer:


Social isolation is extremely damaging to the mental health of individuals. By helping to improve this, through offering emotional support, work placements and community integration, we can seriously reduce self-harm and self-criticism. This leads to individuals not being reliant on drugs and alcohol and could reduce self-harm or even suicide.

Further, assisting someone out of homelessness and providing skills prevents them from returning to the streets. It also reduces the likelihood of dealing with the criminal justice system.

By increasing their potential we are providing them with greater self-esteem, well-being and ability to be positive about their future.


Homelessness has a detrimental effect on local communities, by reducing homelessness, we can help communities. By getting people off the streets, we reduce the number of:

  • drunken incidents;
  • sleeping rough;
  • Begging; and
  • Prostitution

This has a positive impact on things like house pricing, safety (for the police, families etc.) and integration.


By addressing homelessness, we reduce the impact on tax funded institutions such as:

  • Police;
  • NHS; and
  • Local government

By assisting homeless to become valuable societal members, they will become net contributors to society through their own taxes and spending.

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