We are a group of professionals working in London that believe that we can help to change one person’s life at a time.

Our network of professional contacts can help empower those disenfranchised and marginalised from society to gain a home, skills, support and a job. We mentor these individual’s to better their personal situation.

We cultivate living and working opportunities for those that need it most. The societal impacts of having those on the streets in employment is invaluable. We aim to use our resources to provide not only financial support but mentoring through various means.

It is essential that those that can help do help those that need it most. We believe we can make a difference. We do not believe in a one size fits all proposition.

Homelessness and marginalisation is a problem across London.

With rising numbers of homeless and those socially excluded we want to help to solve the problem. Social inclusion is a problem we can solve together. Providing people with the tools to excel and succeed.

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Let’s start doing your bit for those that most need it.

Our Volunteers

Our work is built on us having help from our dedicated network of contacts who offer support in various areas.

  • Farhan Farani
  • Fehmina Farani
  • Ben Lockyer
  • Dost Malik
  • Shehzad Saeed
  • Hamidullah Khan
  • Adeed Chowdhry
  • Amer Rahman